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Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

Swimming pools are meant for refreshing there are many kinds of swimming pools with several systems and mechanisms. The swimming pool gets contaminated because of the availability of micro-organisms, dissolved, and un-dissolved pollutants that might cause disease. Therefore, it is essential to clean them using several processes.

Swimming Pool Purification Steps

Swimming Pool water is treated by means of several purification steps. The water is transported from swimming pools to a water purification plant. In the water purification plant, it will flow through a hair removal filter that eliminates raw pollutants like plasters, hairs, leaves, from water. Then, a flocculant is added that causes smaller colloids to attach together. Colloids are noticeable floating particles of the organic matter, like skin tissue and textile fiber. This group pollutant also concerns colloidal pollutants, such as soap remains, cosmetic products, and skin fats. When their pollutants are plentiful, they cause turbidity. The parameters which have the availability of un-dissolved particles are water turbidity and potassium permanganate requirement of the water. Potassium permanganate is widely used as a gauge of organic matter oxidation. Floating particles are eliminated from water in a sand filter.

Benefits of using the filter in Swimming pools

• Bacteria kill rate is up-to three thousand times faster
• 50% stronger oxidizer than chlorine
• Helps reduce traditional chemical use between 60%-90%
• Reduce while handing and storage of unsafe chemicals
• No formation of dangerous by-products
• Reduce the constant purchasing of harmful chemicals
• Eliminate red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin
• Eliminate costly replacement of faded swimwear
• Eliminate unpleasant chlorine/chloramines odors
• No adverse health or environmental effects
• Improvement of the filter and coagulant capacities

Types of Swimming Pool Filtration:

Sand Filters Sand Filters use specifically graded sand as the filter media. The water enters the tank throi8gh the diffuser. As the water goes down through the bed of sand, the dirt and debris are trapped between the grains of sand. When the water reaches the bottom of the filter, it enters the laterals and is returned to the pool. Sand filters actually filter the debris down to about 40 microns in size. Anything smaller than 40 microns will possibly not be filtered out and the filter sand should be replaced every 3-5 years.

Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filters actually use a paper-type cartridge as the filter media and they don’t filter as finely as DE, and in our experience develop about the same water quality as sand filtration. Cartridge filters are extensively used to have a bad reputation as an annoyance to maintain, but the manufacturers have come up with advanced filters with enough surface area to require cleaning only once or twice every year. It makes the maintenance problem a plus with these filters.

DE Filters DE Filters actually use diatomaceous earth as a filter media. The DE filter has plastic grids covered with a plastic-type of fabric. A layer of filter powder known as Diatomaceous Earth covers the grids and does the filtering. As the water passes via the filter powder, any debris down to 5-8 microns is filtered out. Because the DE is much finer than sand, it has the capability to filter much more finely than a sand filter. DE powder requires to be added every time you vacuum and after that, backwashed afterward. Grid replacement can also be expensive.
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