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Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage is developed by the institutional, residential, and industrial institutions. Sewage treatment is the contaminant removal method from wastewater to use for reuse. Sewage treatment typically involves three stages that are referred to as primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. This plant is housed in a specifically designed and highly durable FRP tank. These tanks are compact that can be used in a decentralized manner at any location, whether it is underground or above the ground.

Applications of Package Sewage Treatment Plant


• Restaurant and kitchen wastewater
• Capacity increase
• Plant modification and expansion
• IT Parks
• All commercial establishments like Hotels, Hospital, and Educational Institutions
• Toilet Flush, Car Wash, Landscape, Gardening, and Construction
• Apartment Buildings
• Decentralized STP in remote and hilly terrains
• Pharmaceutical and chemical process industries
• Tanneries, textile Dye and Bleaching effluents
• Food and beverage
• Automobile and engineering

The operation of a wastewater treatment, mostly known as a sewage treatment plant and is based on a biological procedure. Micro-organisms, naturally present in the wastewater of the house and will feed on the organic pollution they contain and therefore degrade it by developing. For this, some of these bacteria require oxygen.

Process of Sewage Treatment

Preliminary Treatment:

This is the first and foremost stage of a Sewage Treatment Plant procedure and its main objective is the removal of coarse solids as well as other large materials that are often found in the raw wastewater. Preliminary treatment operations-basically consists of large filtering screens, grit removal as well as in some cases, breaking of large objects. Excess grit causes severe pump blockages and thereby affects a range of subsequent treatment pumps. Flow measurement devices, often standing-wave flumes, are always included at the preliminary treatment stage.

Primary Treatment:

The main purpose of this treatment is to lessen any heavy solids which settle to the bottom by sedimentation while grease, oil, and lighter solids float to the surface by skimming. The settled and floating materials are eliminated and the remaining liquid might be subjected or discharged to the next stage, (secondary treatment stage). The primary treatment eliminates about 60% of suspended solids from the wastewater

Secondary Treatment:

The prime objective is the further treatment of the effluent from the primary treatment to eliminate suspended and dissolved biological matter. The biological solids eliminated during the secondary sedimentation, known as secondary or biological sludge, and are basically merged with the primary sludge for sludge procedure. Secondary treatment might need a separation procedure to eliminate the micro-organisms from the treated water prior to tertiary or discharge treatment. Secondary treatment commonly eliminates more than 90% of suspended solids.

Advanced/Tertiary Treatment:

Tertiary treatment commonly follows the secondary treatment and helps to remove those wastewater constituents that cannot be eliminated in the secondary treatment. The treated wastewater is sometimes disinfected chemically or physically prior to its discharge into the receiving environment (river, sea, wetlands, lake, ground and etc)

Major benefits of the Sewage Treatment Plant

• Sewage Treatment Plant is a proven technology that provides reliable performance at all-time
• Sewage Treatment plant helps to preserve the natural environment against pollution
• Sewage Treatment fulfills the standard for the emission of pollutants set by the Government and avoid heavy penalty
• Easy and simple installation, requires low maintenance
• Installation of sewage treatment plant lessens the risk to public health and the environment

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