Demineralization PlantDemineralization Plant


With a technologically advanced team and hi-tech labs, we are well known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Demineralization Plant. Demineralization is the process of purifying water by engaging 'ion exchange process' to remove ions present in water. We manufacture these plants under the expert guidance under whom high quality materials are purchased from reliable vendors of the market. Post manufacturing, Demineralization Plant is rechecked by our quality experts to ensure no defect occurs after installation. Features:

Easy installation Corrosion proof surface High performance

Demineralization is the process by virtue of which the ions present in water are removed using Ion Exchange Processes. It is achieved using Ion exchange resins. Resin is an inert, insoluble polymer which has exchangeable ions. The resins that exchange cations are cation exchange resins and those that exchange anions are the anion exchange resins. The cation exchange resins are used in the sodium (Na+) and hydrogen (H+) forms and the anion exchange resins are used in the hydroxide (OH-) or free base form.

Strong acid cation (SAC) and Weak acid cation (WAC) resins

Strong base anion (SBA), Weak base anion (WBA) and Mixed base anion resin.

Demineralization Plant